Should we really kill the poor?

Do people really care? Yes? How much? A social experiment in India shows what people think about the poor. In the first stage, people were asked if we should kill the poor? It is shameful to see that, there were many who supported the organization for what they are doing, in fact, appreciated them. It is shameful to see how cruel, how unconsidering we can become. Even, the cops don’t care when someone comes to them asking them to support mass homicide. This is the…

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assholes at work

Do you have assholes at work? If not, Look again!

This time I want to discuss something more evasive than cockroaches.  Some might say more abundant than water. It’s…Assholes at work place. They are everywhere.  No matter how pleasant you think your place of work is, you can bet there are some assholes around. Now, there are several different species of assholes you might run into at any given work place. Lets see if you have seen these-  Assholes full of shit this breed of assholes have more ambition than personality.  These are the ones who are on…

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…..and I came to the Monsoon ride

Wandering among the Aravallis with a lot of time to kill the cold wind blew me back to the past. I remembered the day when I first heard my brother mention about going to some motorsport event happening at Jaipur about 2 years ago. But I didn’t think it was necessary for me to go into the details. But now when I think about it, maybe it was destined for me to be a part of this event someday. In August 2009 I got my…

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The world of likes…

She likes me, she likes me not He likes me, he likes me not… We all are familiar with these, but those were the days when we didn’t have facebook to decide our popularity. I actually had to bribe the guys with chocolates from school to let me play with them at school ;). But, those were the nineties. People used to have real people to like, to hangout with in the twentieth century but facebook has brought our world limited to the screen of…

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Wisdom from Superheroes – chapter 4 – PROFESSOR X

Only the one who can restrain himself can teach others the meaning of self-control. Take Superman, Batman, Ironman or any other superhero for that, they are unbelievably among the most powerful people, but they all have one thing in common, they have control over their will, strength, body and actions. But what if someone can control and manipulate people’s minds? That would be a cool power to have? Don’t you think? It would be pretty cool for me as I can mind control any person to…

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Wisdom from Superheroes – chapter 3 – SUPERMAN

Humility will take you further than selfishness What would I do if I had super strength, X-ray vision, eyes that shoot laser, power to flight? I am quite an ambitious person and if I had such powers, there would be nothing stopping me from becoming the most powerful person in the world. Luck for us, I don’t have such powers. But someone does! We call him Superman- the Man of Steel who has these powers and uses them for right purposes. The Man of steel…

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Secular or Communal? a glimpse into the tattered soul of India

Recently I saw these videos on facebook and my soul shivered. How can a person become a devil from a human in just a few minutes? How can we forget the countless years of friendship just because someone says so- years of trust, years of love just washed away by a few words from a few opportunistic and manipulative bastards who have sold their souls to the devil to satiate their hunger for power. They don’t care for us. They just keep blowing the tiny…

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Wisdom from Superheroes – chapter 2 – IRON MAN

I had never read an Iron Man comic, nor before the release of the movie did I hear the name. I thought him to be just another robot like terminator. But as I got to see the movies, I started liking him. Being a technology and cool gadgets fan, I think that is what pulled me towards him ; James Bond and his gadgets was the first of course . So, what makes Iron man? Is it the suit or armor? Or the man himself?…

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Wisdom from Superheroes – chapter 1 – BATMAN

Lessons from the The Dark Knight No! This is definitely not the name of a new Batman Movie or cartoon or anything. This is about what Batman stands for and what he has to tell to us as ordinary people. Batman is a superhero not only because he beats up bad guys, well, that’s only way of seeing it, but that’s not the point. The point is he is just a man who is smart, intelligent, resourceful, wealthy (but that would be is Bruce Wayne,…

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I found it funny yet, fairy tale like.

Another song I listened to at  youtube which in the beginning looked like just another song, but as I listened, a few verses made me laugh, while by the end I was wondering, could this happen in real life and even if it did, would it be as frictionless from both the families of the lovers…. I wonder… Anyways, another song that is worth listening to and like… I kind of liked it … listened to it a few time myself…. by

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