Wisdom from Superheroes – chapter 4 – PROFESSOR X

Only the one who can restrain himself can teach others the meaning of self-control.

Take Superman, Batman, Ironman or any other superhero for that, they are unbelievably among the most powerful people, but they all have one thing in common, they have control over their will, strength, body and actions. But what if someone can control and manipulate people’s minds? That would be a cool power to have? Don’t you think? It would be pretty cool for me as I can mind control any person to do what I want. Hell, I can even control Superman and ask him to beat up Iron man.


But Professor Xavier does not think like me. He has the ability to control minds, but he doesn’t use it to further his own personal causes. He has the power to get  people do whatever he wants from whomever he chooses. He could rob a bank as easily as you or I brush our teeth in the morning. He could win elections or control world leaders like a puppet. But he doesn’t do any of these things: in fact, he does quite the opposite. He secludes himself, remaining in the background, and provides a place for young mutants to go: a safe haven for his own kind. He gives them training, and more importantly, he teaches them how to use their powers for the good of others instead of for their own benefit. It’s not every day that you discover that you have the power to reshape the world and use that power for your benefit is the first thing that you’d do. What if you end up doing something that you would regret for rest of your life?

Professor X is a very patient and wise man. He knows the importance of self-restrain and helps other fellow mutants to control their ‘gifts’ and put them to good use. By looking at Professor Xavier, I can see that teaching others is important, knowledge and wisdom should be shared.

Wisdom from Superheroes – chapter 3 – SUPERMAN

Humility will take you further than selfishness

What would I do if I had super strength, X-ray vision, eyes that shoot laser, power to flight? I am quite an ambitious person and if I had such powers, there would be nothing stopping me from becoming the most powerful person in the world. Luck for us, I don’t have such powers. But someone does! We call him Superman- the Man of Steel who has these powers and uses them for right purposes.


The Man of steel is no lesser than a god among humans. He has impenetrable skill which no bullet can pierce, laser vision that can cut through anything, fly 10 times faster than anything man made. Basically he has every power that a god can have. But does he uses that to rule humans? No! He uses it to protect humans, many times even from themselves.

With power comes responsibility and power can absolutely corrupt. It takes great virtue and control over oneself to cage all that raw power. Superman as Clark Kent is an object of jokes, he is clumsy, every ones pushes him over but Clark Kent accepts that humility to protect his identity and even more to protect the people he loves. He saves and protects people without asking for anything in return and that is a real hero. If I had such power, even a part of it say super strength, I’d have gone on a beating rampage at all those people who have wronged me. But, it is good that I don’t have it, I would possibly have not been able to control the power.

He is an alien with absolutely no ties to humans. He can squash humans like bugs, but instead he comes to the rescue. He is a symbol and ambassador for humanity. You don’t need to be human to believe in and show humanity and compassion to others. This is what Superman stands for. Humility is the best route to achieve greatness. He is always against killing even if someone has done devilish acts, for him every life is precious and everyone deserves a second chance. He has all that power and he chooses to protect which he could have used to rule the world.

Secular or Communal? a glimpse into the tattered soul of India

Recently I saw these videos on facebook and my soul shivered. How can a person become a devil from a human in just a few minutes? How can we forget the countless years of friendship just because someone says so- years of trust, years of love just washed away by a few words from a few opportunistic and manipulative bastards who have sold their souls to the devil to satiate their hunger for power. They don’t care for us. They just keep blowing the tiny spark and spread the fire and feel the warmth. And we, like idiots keep on killing our brothers for the supposed greater good of the community.

Do we even think, if hindu’s keep killing muslims and they keep killing back, who would be standing in the last? Neither!! But, these power hungry, manipulative and opportunistic breed of politicians would still be there. The Hindu politicians would never sacrifice their muslim support while Hindus would not

I guess you would think what makes it so important when I say the same thing as every one is saying about believing in the sanctity of all religions, well I beg to differ. Because I don’t think like you do. I read or heard somewhere, that the Hearts of Men are easily tempted and easily corrupted. and as I see around what is happening in India, it makes me realize that indeed it is true!

I put myself in the situation and think What would I have done? Would I be willing to kill just because I am Hindu and some random Muslim in some random part of the country has killed a Hindu? or if I am a Muslim and the same thing happens to some Hindu in some part of the country which I may have never heard of?

If you are a Hindu, would you be standing shoulder to shoulder with Ramkishen who is a hindu and some guy Rajesh who is also a Hindu comes and beats him up?
Or a Rehman would stand by a Rahim who is killed by some Salim?

The Answer would be NO!

so, When we are not ready to oppose or stand against injustice and violence done to people of our religion by those from our religion, then what gives us the right to blame, belittle and even kill the person from some other religion for the same thing.

I believe that Humanity should come first.

Think over it!

Wisdom from Superheroes – chapter 2 – IRON MAN

I had never read an Iron Man comic, nor before the release of the movie did I hear the name. I thought him to be just another robot like terminator. But as I got to see the movies, I started liking him. Being a technology and cool gadgets fan, I think that is what pulled me towards him ; James Bond and his gadgets was the first of course .

So, what makes Iron man? Is it the suit or armor? Or the man himself?

It’s not the car but the driver who makes the car great. When Iron Man is not saving lives, he is making them better. Though a little blunt, sarcastic, funny, playboy but still a man with the attitude- Tony Stark never fails to leave an impression. He is a technology genius who built his suit from probably scrap and that arc reactor of his, that is a marvel. But, this is not about the suit, this is about what the Man inside metal suit stands for.


You can change the world, if you choose to.

He could have chosen to use his intelligence, technology, and wealth for advancing his own purposes, but instead he uses it to save the world more than once. The suit is not the symbol of terror, it gives hope to people and the inspiration to do great. With or without the suit, Tony Stark is still an ordinary man, without any superpower. He accomplishes the feats that would seem impossible with his intelligence, smartness and the will to do good and make a difference with a thought that a single ripple can create a great tide of change.

Wisdom from Superheroes – chapter 1 – BATMAN

Lessons from the The Dark Knight

No! This is definitely not the name of a new Batman Movie or cartoon or anything. This is about what Batman stands for and what he has to tell to us as ordinary people. Batman is a superhero not only because he beats up bad guys, well, that’s only way of seeing it, but that’s not the point. The point is he is just a man who is smart, intelligent, resourceful, wealthy (but that would be is Bruce Wayne, his alter ego). But I like Batman because under right situations he can even beat up Superman, not with his super strength because he does not have any, but with his wits, cunningness and courage. You can always take away physical abilities, superpowers but you can never take from a man his courage and will, and Batman is the best example of this.


 Lesson he teaches : You choose what you become.

Millionaire during the day and a vigilante at night, Batman has always been the favorite since when I was a kid. Bruce is a millionaire, the owner of a very large company, lives in a mansion with a butler, and basically runs half of Gotham City. This is a man that could have anything he wants – he has unlimited wealth to get whatever he wishes. But instead of flaunting his wealth, he uses it to fight crime. Bruce was never born with special powers, nor was he mutated in any way to give him any abilities. He is a regular guy who made a choice to fight crime and get rid of the bad guys. He uses his intelligence and his wealth to create armor, tools, and weapons. He trains relentlessly in hand-to-hand combat, and practices using his created weapons, all so that he himself can do some good. He could pay other people to do his dirty work: he has enough money to fund an army. But instead he gets his own hands dirty and does what needs to be done. He is a regular guy who made a choice to be something more.

Batman taught me that you can choose what you become, and who you are. Just because you don’t have superpowers doesn’t mean you can’t be a hero.

I found it funny yet, fairy tale like.

Another song I listened to at  youtube which in the beginning looked like just another song, but as I listened, a few verses made me laugh, while by the end I was wondering, could this happen in real life and even if it did, would it be as frictionless from both the families of the lovers…. I wonder…

Anyways, another song that is worth listening to and like… I kind of liked it … listened to it a few time myself….

How brands influence us daily and in long time too!!

Recently, I got to listen to this song at youtube, it looked nice so I decided to listen. And to my amazement, I went into flashback mode remembering about my classes about Brand Awareness and How brands influence us?

Didn’t understand it all, but most of it. In my opinion, the lyricist did a great job, I kept smiling as I listened to it and the way the song gave the description of the situations and the brands like Reynold’s Pen, Facebook …. 

enough blabbering.. just listen and you would know what I mean.

Kidney Stones Part 2- Debunking the Myths.

 In my previous article I wrote about how I my problems begin with kidney stones and tried to explain how kidney stones are formed. During all those days when I was diagnosed with kidney stones, several of my friends, relatives and other people kept on suggesting their home remedies for removing the stones. However, a few of those remedies seemed stupid to me because I didn’t find any logic behind them while a few seemed too good to be true. While, the effect of those remedies was good, but no one fully understood or was able to explain how it works. So, I decided to do some research on my own and found out the facts. Here’s what I found.

Vegetables and fruits with tiny seeds like tomatoes and guava cause stones.

Myth. The seeds get stuck inside the body and create stone.

guava-fruitTruth. Stones are created in Kidneys. Kidneys produce hormones, absorb minerals, filter blood and produce urine. There is not direct path from the digestive tract to kidneys, so it is not possible that what we have eaten would go inside kidneys. So, the seeds cannot possibly get inside the kidneys and form stones. Kidneys filter blood and remove excessive minerals from it which are washed out of the body with urine the kidneys make. Urine is the excessive water from our bodies mixed with the waste chemicals and minerals etc., that need to go out. So, when we drink less than adequate water, the kidneys find it difficult to produce enough urine to wash all the extra minerals from inside our body. These minerals get collected in the kidneys over time and as they get collected together, they form debris which are the kidney stones. Most common mineral causing stones is calcium oxalate.

The reason why it is told to prohibit from eating fruits like guava, and tomatoes, spinach, egg-plant(brinjal) is that these are rich in calcium oxalates which is a prime cause of kidney stones. Refraining from eating these reduces the amount of calcium going inside body and thus less chance of accumulating in the kidney.

So, it’s not the seeds, but the minerals inside these items that are harmful.

Drinking beer can remove stones.

Myth. Drinking beer regularly can remove the kidney stones.

beerTruth. Beer is a diuretic. Diuretics are substances that promote the production of urine. Beer increases the production of Urine and dilates the ureters to ease the passing of stone. It is though, true that if you don’t have kidney stones yet, drinking beer can reduce your chances of getting them but, if you have stones, beer cannot cure them, just help you pass them out. But what about those who do not drink beer or any alcohol? Well, the good news is, beer is not the only diuretic. Water is best, but if you don’t feel like drinking much, you can drink cranberry juice, freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of water is also good. The baseline is, you need to drink plenty of fluids and keep on a watch for fluids that contain calcium oxalates.

There are the common myths that I encountered during my episode with kidney stones. If you have something more to share, please do.

*so you know, these views and observations are personal. I am not a medical specialist, I am a victim of kidney stones. I was curious about the stones so I ventured to find out more about them. I am sure, there must be many things to add and much more to this than I have said here, maybe I am wrong also for something. But, if you think I am wrong, please feel free to share. 

Kidney Stones part 1- the beginning of the ordeal

One morning I woke up with a sharp pain in my left side. For once I thought it to be gastric pain, took a Diclofenac Tablet and the pain resided. 4 hours later, the pain started again and kept on ascending and became unbearable. It felt like someone has torn apart my flesh is continuously poking. Had to take Diclofenac Injection this time and I felt relief. The doctor suggested that the pain might be because of stones in Kidney and I was like, What the F***? That evening I got ultrasound done and Yes! there were stones in both my kidneys and I was somewhat relieved, because ‘Renal Stones’ or kidney stones in more layman terms, are easy to handle that some other worse issue.

Well, through this text and a few more after this, I would like to tell you about my experiences with the problem and try to debunk a few myths that are common among people about kidney stones. I would begin with my first visit to the urologist.

I showed the ultrasound report to my urologist after looking at which, he suggested to get a CT-Scan for the KUB-PVR, for those who don’t know the KUB-PVR region refers to Kidney Urinary Bladder Pelvic Region, at least which was what I deduced for my own. Anyways, the CT-Scan showed that I had one stone of dimension 3mm in my left kidney and two of dimensions 3.4mm and 3.5 mm in upper and mid calyx region. He suggested a few tablets and a solution to drink with water to ease the passage of stones through urinary path. I will tell about the medicines later.

Before this experience I had no knowledge of what kidney stones are, how they are made and other things but, I am quite inquisitive and curious about such things. So, google was a great help indeed and the more I learned about the stones, the more relaxed I became. 

How kidney stones are created?

urinary tract

The picture shows what the Urinary tract looks like. Salts and minerals in the urine stick together to form kidney stones. They can be as small as grains of sand or as large as golf balls. They may stay in the kidneys or travel out through urinary tract as shown in the picture. The urinary tract makes urine and carries it out of the body. The urine is created in the kidneys which washes away any deposited salts and minerals also to the bladder through ureters and then out of the body through urethra.

Generally kidney stones form when there is change in the normal balance of water, salts, minerals and other things found in urine. Most commonly, not drinking enough water is what causes kidney stones, but there can be other reasons also.

When the stones are in the kidney, they don’t often cause pain. The pain occurs when the position of the stones inside the kidney change like stone travelling from kidneys to bladder through ureter.

Most commonly, drinking enough water can reduce the chances of getting kidney stones. And, if you are doing everything right, and still stones keep on occurring, then it can be because of some medical reason. Don’t worry. There are tests that can determine the cause of recurring kidney or renal stones. Your doctor or urologist will tell you.