I found it funny yet, fairy tale like.

Another song I listened to at  youtube which in the beginning looked like just another song, but as I listened, a few verses made me laugh, while by the end I was wondering, could this happen in real life and even if it did, would it be as frictionless from both the families of the lovers…. I wonder… Anyways, another song that is worth listening to and like… I kind of liked it … listened to it a few time myself….

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How brands influence us daily and in long time too!!

Recently, I got to listen to this song at youtube, it looked nice so I decided to listen. And to my amazement, I went into flashback mode remembering about my classes about Brand Awareness and How brands influence us? Didn’t understand it all, but most of it. In my opinion, the lyricist did a great job, I kept smiling as I listened to it and the way the song gave the description of the situations and the brands like Reynold’s Pen, Facebook ….  enough blabbering..…

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Kidney Stones Part 2- Debunking the Myths.

 In my previous article I wrote about how I my problems begin with kidney stones and tried to explain how kidney stones are formed. During all those days when I was diagnosed with kidney stones, several of my friends, relatives and other people kept on suggesting their home remedies for removing the stones. However, a few of those remedies seemed stupid to me because I didn’t find any logic behind them while a few seemed too good to be true. While, the effect of those…

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Kidney Stones part 1- the beginning of the ordeal

One morning I woke up with a sharp pain in my left side. For once I thought it to be gastric pain, took a Diclofenac Tablet and the pain resided. 4 hours later, the pain started again and kept on ascending and became unbearable. It felt like someone has torn apart my flesh is continuously poking. Had to take Diclofenac Injection this time and I felt relief. The doctor suggested that the pain might be because of stones in Kidney and I was like, What the…

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something is missing

I am sitting in front of my laptop. Mood’s off…don’t know why ? has something happened ! You all may be wondering ? Well…I too am wondering..cuz I don’t know what the heck has happened. I am feeling very lonely. It feels like I have been segregated by everyone I love and everyone I care about. It feels like I should run away and not stop even if my feet start killing me. I am so lost that I cant find my way even in…

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The Companion of loneliness

One….two….three….. Na… this is the first one…oops or maybe the second…. I don’t know …must do it again… Oh! Sorry… u must be wondering what is all this counting for! Well..as I lay on my mattresses…( didn’t say bed cuz I don’t have one… I’ve made my bed on the floor J), in the silence of the flat, I was counting the blades of the ceiling fan. and trying to give my eyes an exercise considering the fact that I wear spectacles of power -2.5…

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Am I forbidden??

Walking on a sleepless night I saw her walking beside the beach clad in a silver dress, shining bright in the light of the full moon. Curls of her hair covering her cheeks, giving just the partial look of her lips, glittering red in the flawless pure moonlight and I sat there wondering… Man! is this what heaven looks like? or is the heaven walking the earth? well before I could get the answers, came a gush of wind and her hair blew revealing her…

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let me break loose

Tick tock ….tick tock… as I looked at the moving hands of the clock .. I was waiting for the call that would set me packing…..and then I was there answering the call…and I set my backpack for the adventure of my life…a trip to a small village in the outskirts of Shimla. I had to reach the Bus Stop and board the bus….   Well…. Further details later on but first let me give a little background check on the adventure that was going…

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from the depths…

“The power of love is hard to describe It can get the dead to revive Greatest gift it is to the mankind Trust and faith stays at its hind”   Every now and then we come across the age when we develop intimate feelings for someone. The world looks more green and beautiful. We start daydreaming and what not! Well, this is the part of us being human, afterall, who knows that special someone maybe the mate for life! Well I had not been that…

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Evening hope

Flashes of the past….

Often I have heard people say, before you die your whole life flashes before you, your acts, those rights and wrongs you had done and everything.. truth of this, nobody  knows.. well maybe because the dead can’t speak about it… But sometimes my life flashes before me.., while I am still alive.. maybe the providence wants me to have a chance to look upon what I have done and appreciate what I have and what can have and to thank all those because of whom…

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